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Sweet And Spicy 5 Min Mirchi Recipe: This Side Dish Is A Treat For Your Taste Buds

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Indian meals offer quite an experience while eating. We have the main components of dal, sabzis, gravies, roti, and more. But with that, the achars, chutney, bharta, and salads are a different treat. While each dish in an Indian thali has a new taste to offer, they all go well with each other. Even if it is something sweet, a tangy piece of achar elevates its taste. While there are many side accompaniments that one can explore from different parts of the country, today we bring you a new recipe of mirchi to try. Now we know that as soon as one says Mirchi, all you can think of is spice. But, if you look around, there are many types of chillies that are different in taste. Some, of course, are the spicy ones. Others have a milder and light taste that can be eaten as it is. And in this recipe of sweet and spicy mirchi by Chef Saransh Goila, he brings you a yummy side accompaniment with a milder chilli.

In this quick and easy recipe, the chef has used Bhavnagar mirchis. These green chillies are lighter in taste and are used to add extra flavour to recipes. In this dish, Chef Saransh has made use of basic ingredients like soy sauce, sesame seeds, and more to elevate its taste. You can serve this at any party or gathering! Check out the recipe below:

Sweet And Spicy Mirchi Recipe: Here’s How To Make Sweet And Spicy Mirchi:

First, take mirchis and toss them in high heat with some oil. Once they start to get brown, add garlic, sesame, soy sauce, and jaggery. Then combine all the flavours well. Now, add this to a plate and relish it with your meals!

Isn’t it simple to make!? Watch the full recipe of this yummy delight below:

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For more such spicy and delicious Mirchi recipes, click here.

Try them out and let us know how you found their taste.

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