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How to treat and prevent acne marks and scars? Expert shares tips

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First, you have to deal with the massive, red pimple on your face. Then when it finally heals, you end up with dark spots. Acne can be a frustrating condition to live with. Many people also struggle with the realities of treating acne scars in addition to dealing with recurrent breakouts. Patches of skin with pits or elevated areas are called acne scars. They are an immediate consequence of acne-related skin damage. Your body produces and forms collagen fibres in an effort to repair damaged skin when you have acne. It’s possible to develop pitted scars if your body doesn’t manufacture enough collagen. Raised scars might happen if your body creates too much collagen. Even though the acne scars will fade over time, there are some things you can be doing topically to clear the marks up quicker. (Also read: Best and worst food for acne)

Acne Nutritionist, Katie Stewart, shared treatment and prevention tips related to acne scars and marks on her Instagram account.

1. Prevent

• Leave it alone: Don’t pick/pop as it increases swelling and the likelihood of scarring.

• Reduce inflammation: Anti-bacterial/soothing ingredients like aloe, arnica, chamomile, cucumber, lavender, shea butter, tea tree or willow bark.

• Use a serum: Inhibit the skin’s natural immune response of producing melanin by using a serum with ingredients like African potato, liquorice root, tara tree or vitamin C.

2. Correct

• Exfoliate: Instead of a mechanical scrub that can irritate breakouts, try a chemical exfoliant like AHA/BHAS.

• Eat: Include vitamin A-rich foods to stimulate cell turnover, decrease oil production and clear your pores.

• Treat: Facials like micro-needling or laser resurfacing can be helpful for stubborn/severe marks/scars.

3. Protect

• Moisturize: Will maintain pH and hydro-lipidic layer meaning you are not over-producing oil or underproducing water

• SPF: UV rays darken marks, making them look more pronounced. Look for a zinc-based sunscreen.

• Ask an expert: Talk to a knowledgeable esthetician about the best ingredients/treatments for you.

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